Monthly Mileage: March 2017

So. Much. Racing. Only two show up in this list, because the third one was April 1. Miles run: 257.6 miles Time spent running: 33 hours, 31 minutes Longest run: 20 miles Average run: 7.16 miles Average time: 53 minutes Average pace: 7:48 min/mi Treadmill miles: 48 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 11 hours, 28 minutes... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/27/17

This was the second in-between week of the three-race series I’m doing — three races, each 2 weeks apart. However, the races get progressively longer. It has made my weekly mileage interesting — Coach typically has me do a bit of an alternating cycle, but not usually quite this extreme. So, since the week before... Continue Reading →

Social Media Schadenfreude – Salty Running

A piece in which I admit to doing something I'm at least a little bit ashamed of. Spill the beans — have you done this, too? Pump n' Chic, episode 1: In which Chicory asks Pumpkin why other people’s social media posts about their crazy training shenanigans bother her. DEAR PUMPKIN, Lately I’ve found myself doing something that I’m... Continue Reading →

Podcast interview with DizRuns!

I mentioned this in my most recent training log, so sorry for the double-promo! Last week I had the privilege of being a guest on the DizRuns podcast. Denny is an athletic trainer by training who is also a running coach. His podcast features runners of all kinds and is literally like going on a... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/19/17

Another week, another race. This Triple Crown series kicks my butt every year, although to be fair I’ve never hit 70 mile weeks in the in-between weeks. One more race to go! Monday: Started the day with the Jasyoga Running Efficiency Boost in the morning as part of my Extra Salt goal to include an... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 3/12/17

Things are starting to settle down at the new house. After a crazy week last week with moving AND racing, this week was a little more normal in terms of life and training. Monday: 10 miles, 80 minutes, AHR 140. Easy miles in the mid-morning between rainstorms. I took the day off work to get... Continue Reading →

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