Weekly Recap 2/26/17

“It keeps adding up.” Coach’s words to me after another pretty big mileage week stacked after last week’s, and lots of quality in there. Also, shorts every weekday! Monday: 10 mi, 78 minutes, 149 AHR. First three with my bestie, then a nice loop after. Tuesday: 10 mi, 74 minutes, 155 AHR. Track workout of... Continue Reading →

‘There is No Finish Line’

My coach, Matt Ebersole, wrote this great blog post a couple of weeks ago. "Anything that causes undue risk of jeopardizing showing up at the start line on race day healthy and ready to run should make (training) decisions very clear." Of course, his advice kicks off with a quote from "Once A Runner," so I... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 2/19/17

The most important thing to note about this week is that I ran outside in shorts EVERY DAY. If the weather just wants to hang out here until say May, that’s fine by me. After a couple of weeks of feeling flat, I think I’m over the hump! I was reminded of the section in... Continue Reading →

Weekly recap 2/12/17

This week was one of those microcosms where you have all the highs and lows of an entire season wedged in. I started the week dealing with a back injury and finished it with a PR! Monday: Afternoon appointment to sports chiropractor for my back. Conclusion: strained lat. Cause: No idea. Treatment: Dry needling and... Continue Reading →

Endurance News Feature (EN103)

Thanks to Hammer Nutrition for including my Race Recipe from the Monumental Marathon in the latest edition of Endurance News! Products mentioned: Race Day Boost Hammer Gel Hammer Endurolytes Fizz Recoverite Tissue Rejuvenator P.S. If you want to support your favorite Hammer Sponsored Athlete, use me as your referral on your first order! Use this... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 2/5/17

In case I’ve ever come across as a rational, smart runner … let me avail you of that notion. I’ve been dealing with a back injury and still ran 60 miles this week. Probably stupid. I know it was stupid because I didn’t tell coach about it, I just put it in my notes. Basically... Continue Reading →

Planting Seeds for Spring

After a great year of racing in 2016 that culminated with one of those mana-from-heaven type races at Monumental, I was left thinking, “What next?” I knew — and coach knew — that I needed some downtime mentally and physically before making any decisions. It had been a big year of training with a lot... Continue Reading →

January 2017 Recap

Happy with this start to 2017! Miles run: 276.44 Time spent running: 35 hours, 23 minutes Longest run: 16 miles Average run: 7 miles Average time: 54:27 Average pace: 7:42 min/mi Treadmill miles: 62 Pilates and Yoga (mostly Jasyoga): 10 hours, 44 minutes 46.5 hours of fitness 1 race, 1 win, 1 PR (s0rt-of) Weekly... Continue Reading →

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