2016 Recap & 2017 Goals

Man, what a year. I surprised myself a few times along the way — both in terms of race times but even more so in the amount of work I was willing to put in. I ran 16 miles on the treadmill, I never missed a speed session — hell, I never missed a run,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 12/26

Ah! Late recap because of the holidays. Monday: 8 miles, 63 minutes, 141 AHR. Early morning dark and frigid. 14 degrees, windchill of 5, which is definitely cold in these parts. Generally unremarkable but those are the days when I try to remember that every day is a day to get closer to my goals. Every... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 12/18

After making myself run in the morning a lot last week, I failed at that this week. We had weird weather in Kentucky, cold for most of the week then really warm Saturday and then really cold Sunday. I’ve basically worn every clothing combination possible! Monday: 8 easy after work, 62 minutes, average HR 145.... Continue Reading →

Book Review: How Bad Do You Want It?

Book title: How Bad Do You Want It? Author: Matt Fitzgerald Release date: 2015 What’s this book about? Subtitled “mastering the psychology of mind over muscle,” HBDYWI looks at epic moments in endurance sports to mine habits and tactics the rest of us can use to cultivate our own mental strength. Performing at your best means... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 12/11

This week involved a lot of cold and dark runs, but a solid 50 mile week with three quality sessions. I’ve also been doing the Jasyoga Hit Reset Streak challenge, so I’ve been squeezing in little bits of yoga every day. Monday: Easy 7 miles early, 58 minutes. Tuesday: 10 miles, 79 minutes. The lone treadmill... Continue Reading →

A look back at 2016…

Really enjoyed this post by Kentucky native and UofL grad Michael Eaton. His 2016 performances weren’t what he hoped — especially in an Olympic year — but a visit to Malawi has helped him rediscover his “why” for running.

Running With Michael

I’m going to get this out of the way early: in terms of running 2016 was a bust for me. My Olympic Trials performance was terrible. I underperformed after running my two fastest half marathons since 2012. They weren’t blazing, but they were huge steps back in the right direction and mixed in with PRs in my two previous marathons I was set up to run well and just didn’t. This poor showing combined with a nagging injury afterwards led to months of under training and self-pity that slowly transformed into self-doubt. There were a few lack luster 5k’s over the summer, bad results from bad training, and a rough half marathon in October in Nairobi, Kenya, which only the first half of gave me any glimmer of hope that maybe I might be turning a corner. On paper my 2016 running campaign was a wash and if I was…

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Weekly Recap 12/4/16

I can hardly believe it’s been a month since the Monumental Marathon already. I still find it hard to believe that I ran 2:57, and I have to check the results now and then just to be sure. But now that it’s been a month, it’s time to get back to work! Last week was... Continue Reading →

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