Weekly Recap 10/30/16

Six more sleeps until race day. Taper week 1 = not much taper. Coach doesn’t let off the gas quite as abruptly as some other plans, so this was sort-of business as usual the first half of the week. Plus it was a weird week with a lot of after-work obligations. Stupid taper antics included... Continue Reading →

Dr. Rebecca-Richards-Kortum: Saving Babies, Running Marathons

I’m in the car, stuck in rush hour traffic, with the soothing voices of NPR’s Morning Edition calming my nerves. They’re talking about the new class of MacArthur Foundation “Genius” Grants. I turn up the dial. These grants are a big deal, recognizing exceptional creativity and facilitating future great work across all fields, including arts and sciences.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 10/23/16

LAST BIG WEEK DONE! Seriously, I’ve been on the grind since late May and I’m not feeling burnt out but I am feeling ready to see the payoff. Just two more weeks until Indy Monumental — which at times felt like it would never get here! Theme of this week: sleep. I struggled every day... Continue Reading →

SMDS: The Varsity Jacket

As you may recall, I have the honor of being one of the first brand ambassadors for Sarah Marie Design Studio. This is more than just a nice perk, though — I love that Sarah is a female entrepreneur who had a cool idea and went for it. And the ambassador program isn't just about... Continue Reading →

Weekly Update 10/16

Holy moly, the marathon isn’t very far away all of a sudden! That snuck up rather quickly, considering I’ve been training for it the past 5 months. I’m actually still surprised that I hit 70 miles this week considering I took the first three days easy. Monday I ran easy with the hubs, 6 miles... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap Oct. 9

Bypassing my usual Sunday “Bagel and Blog” session in favor of writing this at home while watching the Chicago Marathon and drinking out of my award mug from yesterday’s race! On Monday, my husband and I decided to go run the Indy Half Marathon. This was a little bit last minute — I was planning... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap Oct. 2

TGIF — Thank God it’s FALL! I wasn’t really into this week, mentally, but physically it was fine. I was just not feeling it this week, and I had a couple of weird schedule days that mucked things up. Monday was fun, it was a beautiful day and I met a fellow Salty Running contributor.... Continue Reading →

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