Weekly Recap Sept. 25

My post-race recovery week mileage is now higher than my max mileage from a year ago. WHOA. It was a good week for recovery since my schedule was off-kilter. Monday we had a meeting with a loan officer since we’re making progress on buying a new house (!!!), and then I went home to work... Continue Reading →

From overweight to breaking the tape: Traci Falbo

One of the country’s top ultra distance runners is walking through the parking lot of a Panera Bread in Louisville, Ky., on a Thursday afternoon. She has a faded tattoo around one ankle, sunbleached hair, the type of tan one gets from hours upon hours spent outdoors, and most of her toenails — at least... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap 9/11

My body definitely feels like I put in a lot of miles this week but it seems kid of surreal at the same time. Like, how did that just happen? I hit 76.5 this week — by far the most mileage I’ve seen since probably fall 2009. There’s a large physical and emotional investment being... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap Sept. 4

Happy long weekend! I love three-day weekends, even though I have so much to do that Monday is my only real down day. This week I got super exciting news that I was chosen as a Sarah Marie Design Studio ambassador! SMDS makes super snarky, funny, relatable running-themed products, like shirts, mugs, prints, totes and... Continue Reading →

Summer Running, Happened So Fast

Published in The Running Journal, September 2016 (e-edition here). When you live in this part of the country, summer is for short racing because it’s generally too miserable for much else. This summer, I squeezed in three races in less than six weeks while building my marathon base for Monumental in November. Multiple times I thought,... Continue Reading →

August Mileage

Talk about a month I won't miss! A lot of great training but man, that weather? No thanks. August Recap: YTD progress: 82% of goal — 1,870 of 2,260  Miles run: 288.5 Time run: 38:52 Max distance: 20 Avg distance: 8 Avg time: 65 min Avg pace: 8:06 Pilates/Yoga: 10 hours 10 classes taught Ran... Continue Reading →

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