Monthly Archive: August, 2016

Tips for a Successful Race

Another great post from Steve Born at Hammer Nutrition. While originally titled for long-distance triathletes, anyone racing long (I’d say half-marathon or more) can benefit from his expert advice. I’ve added some of… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 28

Another big mileage week with 10 weeks still to go until Monumental! One highlight of this week is that I subscribed to Jasyoga, Erin Taylor’s on-demand yoga videos. She’s a former NCAA basketball… Continue reading

6 Recovery Tips for Your Toughest Workouts

Great article by Hammer Nutrition’s fueling expert, Steve Born. Article below, reprinted from original online here. Use me as your referral if you want to try these products (Tracy Green, #254423). Recovering thoroughly between ALL… Continue reading

Race Announcements!

I’m excited for my fall lineup and wanted to share! On Sept. 17, I’ll be racing the Indy Women’s Half Marathon. I ran this race in 2014, which they still held it in… Continue reading

Review: Zensah Compression Ankle/Calf Sleeve

Usually I put off writing product reviews until I have enough experience with a product to feel like I can thoroughly evaluate it. But what almost always happens is that I forget. So… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 21

Marathons, and training for them, are a bit of a roller coaster. There are ups and downs, twists and turns, throughout the race and all the weeks leading up to them. Even some… Continue reading

Cross-Country Mini-Camp

Have you ever noticed the sheer joy kids find in running? And then as we get older it becomes a form of punishment, either from a sports coach for doing something wrong or… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 14

We’re now 12 weeks out from the Monumental Marathon, which is normally when I start training. Except I’m starting this cycle with a 70 mile week and my second 20 miler. When I PR’d… Continue reading

Safety first – tips and reflection

You may have read my creepy story about Mike in my weekly recap, which continued today. And, as my workday got rolling today, I saw news of a second woman murdered while out running.… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Aug. 7

This was a little bit of a “down” week since my really long runs are every other weekend. But my down week was 60 miles … which is higher than what I maxed… Continue reading