Weekly Recap July 31

I wrapped up July with a big, awesome week — just 2 miles shy of my peak from the spring season … 12 weeks out from Monumental. Monday: the weather was basically miserable. At 6 AM it was 79° felt like 85, with the dewpoint at 75. It was like suffocating under a warm wet... Continue Reading →

Today’s Woman Magazine Best Bodies issue

Excited to share that I am featured in the Today's Woman Magazine "Best Bodies" issue on stands today in the Louisville area! I'm joined by several other amazing, inspirational women. The spread includes what motivates me: My motivation is intrinsic. I have running goals I want to reach and those drive me to work hard.... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap July 17

So, Strava segment chasing and Pokemon Go are basically the same thing, right? You’re running around all over town to catch a digital object. Generally, I don’t do either, but I did plan Sunday’s route to go snag a soft segment — it was basically on a loop I regularly run, just in the opposite... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap July 10

Whoa. Starting to put in some real work now! Coach had given me a heads up that more mileage was coming, but he managed to sneak it in and I (almost) don’t notice. My schedule was atypical this week — I actually only worked Tuesday and Thursday. Monday was the holiday, then Wednesday I had... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap: July 3

Wait, it's July already? What? We're now 4 months out from Monumental and we're starting to take things up a notch. This week was a little lighter in terms of intensity but still plenty of mileage. Coach has dialed Mondays up to 8 miles starting this week, with the option for 8 on Wednesday. (This is... Continue Reading →

June Miles

A pretty sizable mileage month for June — 228.6 miles! Other stats: I ran every day in June 31 hours, 24 minutes of running Longest run: 17 miles Average distance: about 7 miles Average time: 57 minutes Average pace: 8:13/mile (keeping those easy runs easy!) Weekly totals: 51 (5/30-6/5) 54 50.5 56 39 (Monday-Friday, 12-16 miles... Continue Reading →

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