Weekly Recap May 29

Just like with my training, I’m settling back into my blogging groove. This turned out to be another solid, strong week — a couple fewer miles than last week but intentionally. And I stepped up and filled in at the gym, teaching a total of five Pilates classes this week. Monday was sandwiched between Sunday’s... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap May 22

Still catching up ... Not much to look at this week except for ALL THE MILES. I texted coach on Sunday and said, "How did that happen?" We were in Chicago Thursday-Saturday, so I only got in one Pilates class but had lots of time for running. I'm also trying to incorporate more running drills... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap May 15

Yes, I'm behind so this is short! Lots of activities but not as intense as it looks, for sure. Back over the 40-mile threshold this week (by 2 miles) with some speedwork thrown in on Tuesday. It was a 4-mile progression run — 3 miles easy to warm up then 7:39, 7:28, 7:22, 7:10; 1-mile... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap May 8

I finished this week grateful to be getting some miles in. Recovery is really important but it also takes me away from the thing I love the most. This week was still pretty light but I did get some strides and some more moderately-paced running, both to start incorporating some speed again. Monday was an... Continue Reading →

Weekly Recap May 1 – Adventures in Rowing

Week two of recovey following the Carmel Marathon and I was getting pretty stir-crazy. I watched friends (via Strava) who had just ran Boston a couple of days after my race start hitting double digits again. Meanwhile, I was twiddling my thumbs. Look — I know recovery is important and that it'll make my next training... Continue Reading →

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