Monthly Archive: February, 2016

Weekly Recap Feb. 28

Less mileage this week as we head into a somewhat intense race season. This Saturday was the Anthem 5k, which kicks off a three-race series in Louisville, each distance two weeks apart and… Continue reading

Weekly recap Feb. 21

BIG WEEK. Completely exhausted, trying to rest as much as possible today to get ready to do it again. That’s the grind of marathon training — you have to be consistent, committed, relentless.… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: Teaser

Teaser is one of the most quintessential Pilates exercises in my opinion. This one of the poses people immediately think of when they think of the method. It really tests the control of… Continue reading

Yoga, acceptance, adaptation key to Cryan’s fit pregnancy

As more and more women adopt healthy lifestyles and engage in intense exercise, pregnancy can throw a well-established workout plan out the window. Staying fit and healthy is important to pregnancy, and while… Continue reading

Thoughts on the Marathon Trials

For the first time in history, the Olympic Trials Marathon was aired on live television. If you’re a running geek, this was a very exciting change. In past years, you either got highlights… Continue reading

Weekly Recap Feb. 14

Happy Valentine’s Day! As I write this, my husband is making me chicken piccata and homemade tiramisu … even though it seems this week it seems like my significant other is the treadmill. Monday… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: Double-Leg Stretch

I love the double-leg stretch. This is the second exercise in the traditional ab series. Following the single-leg stretch, you can either flow right in to this exercise or, if you need a… Continue reading

Triple Crown kicks off 32nd running Feb. 27

The new year is when many of us start getting back into training after coasting through the holiday season. In Louisville, the combination of New Year’s resolutions and the Triple Crown race series serves as an… Continue reading

Kentucky Qualified: Michael Eaton, Olympic Trials Marathon Qualifier

Three athletes with Kentucky ties will compete at the Olympic Marathon Trials in Los Angeles on Feb. 13. Each have qualified for the trials before but have distinctly different stories. Bobby Curtis, Michael… Continue reading

Weekly Recap: Feb. 7

It has been such a crazy week that it’s Monday night and I’m just writing this recap. Yikes. So Saturday was 10 weeks out from Carmel — hard to believe it’s already that… Continue reading