Monthly Archive: January, 2016

Weekly recap: Jan. 31

Well, January, it was nice knowing you. Can’t say I’m sad to see you go — especially since I saw the first daffodils peaking through the mulch today! I had a great week.… Continue reading

Product of the Month: Hammer Nutrition Recoverite

Each month I’ll be spotlighting a product that I rely on for my training and racing … and sometimes even life in general. I’m kicking this series off with my favorite product: Hammer Nutrition’s… Continue reading

Pilates Pose of the Week: The Hundred

It’s only appropriate to start this weekly series with the first exercise in the traditional mat sequence: the Hundred. This exercise is focused on breathing and prepares the body for the exercises that… Continue reading

Hammer Nutrition giveaway!

I absolutely love Hammer Nutrition products and I’m excited to be a sponsored athlete, which gives me some additional opportunities to share the love — like freebies! This month, I’m giving away a… Continue reading

Weekly recap – 12 weeks to Carmel

I ran 54 miles this week and 48 of them were on the treadmill. How’s that for a summary? I will confess that it wasn’t really bad. I downloaded the entire season of… Continue reading

What is Pilates?

As part of my Pilates instructor certification, I submitted a short essay on “What is Pilates?” For those of you curious about the answer yourself, here’s what I wrote: In our world of… Continue reading

Considering a coach?

This season, I hired a coach. I’ve written about it a little bit here and there but wanted to share why I did it, how I chose one and how it’s going so… Continue reading

Overcoming January: Weekly recap Jan. 17

It’s January and that means you have to be brave — brave enough to deal with it being light when you leave the house and dark when you eat dinner. Brave enough to… Continue reading

Weekly recap – Training begins for Carmel

A great week even considering the terrible weather to wrap it up today. When coach loaded in my training schedule for the month, I glanced at it but didn’t give it a lot… Continue reading

Welcoming 2016 with a shiny new PR

2016 is off to a great start! I’ll take a PR on the first day of the year anytime — a shiny new one clocked at the Hangover Classic 10 Miler Jan. 1.… Continue reading