2015 in Review: Set your goal, raise your effort, raise your goal

This year, I strove to define myself as an athlete. Who do I want to be? What do I want to accomplish? Exploring the answers to those questions — albeit certainly not the first time I've considered them — made for a robust year.For the past two years, I've worked my way back to a... Continue Reading →

Building base on vacation / Weekly Recap

Considering I raced Saturday, this should probably be a recovery week but I couldn't pass up the opportunity — I took vacation around the holidays so I have 16 consecutive days off! Last week was a lighter mileage week so I feel okay building back up this week. Sunday ended up being an off day... Continue Reading →

Fitting in Fitness

One of the biggest hurdles to fitness success is often time — it can be hard to carve that time out into your schedule. But I think most of us can find that time if it's important to us. I had to really rethink my routine when I started training hard again two years ago.... Continue Reading →

USATF softens B standard for LA2016

The Olympic Trials Marathon is set for February 13, 2016, in Los Angeles. Today — about two months before the race — the USATF announced the "B" standard for the trials will be slower than previously declared. The B Standard is now 2:19 for men and 2:45 for women, a minute slower for men and 2 minutes... Continue Reading →

Last-Minute Gifts for Runners

Having worked in a running store for five years, I know all about helping people choose gifts for the runner(s) in their family. Usually, I get to ask questions and pick something personal — but for this list, I picked things that are a combination of my personal favorites but are also pretty universal. Also... Continue Reading →

You’d think I’d learn

From a blog post in 2009: For my next marathon, I am going to try following the schedule more consistently and make myself do all the workouts. No skipping tempo, or MP runs, or strides, or anything else." #Facepalm I've run 10 marathons. I think after every single one I've said the exact same thing.... Continue Reading →

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