Monthly Archive: November, 2015

Recovery week 3 / 3 weeks to Otter Creek

Holiday season can throw people off their fitness and running routines — but for me, it usually means more flexibility in working out which is awesome. This week I had Wednesday through Friday… Continue reading

Recap: Recovery week 2 / 4 weeks to Otter Creek

I started strong this week but didn’t end quite as great. But my legs are still feeling good, which is crazy. Monday was a planned off day from running, so I went to… Continue reading

Gear review: Nathan LightSpur & Black Diamond Spot

While I love the cooler temperatures that come with fall, I’m not a fan of the shorter amounts of daylight. It’s not even the change from DST — I don’t really care which… Continue reading

What does a 3:10 look like?

I ran nearly identical marathon times five (and a half) years apart, with a 3:10:18 this year and a 3:10:11 in 2010. The times were so similar that I was curious to compare… Continue reading

Week Recap – Recovery Week 1/5 weeks to Otter Creek

Well, I am definitely having the best marathon bounce-back of my running career. I feel awesome. I’ve been trying to decide what I think that means. Here’s what I’ve come up with so… Continue reading

Thanksgiving (ish) Races in Louisville Metro

A quick round-up of Thanksgiving-timed races — but, like with all holidays, it seems, they’re starting early (this weekend!). Nov. 14 — Turkey Trotter 8k in Buckner (Oldham County) Nov. 14 — Turkey Trot… Continue reading

Race Review: Monumental Marathon

Yesterday I posted a pretty detailed race report focused on how my race went, but I wanted to share a review of the race itself for anyone who might be considering adding the Monumental… Continue reading

Race Report: Monumental Marathon 2015

She believed she could, so she did.” I fibbed a little when talking about my race goals. I believed in my heart of hearts (I said that to Chris and he asked how… Continue reading

Monumental 2015: Race Plan & Goals

Well. It’s almost time. In some ways it was probably best that I had a crazy week, including being outof town at a conference Wednesday afternoon until earlier today. I stayed distracted. I… Continue reading

Monumental By the Numbers

I am currently 2 days, 20 hours and 45 minutes from start time, thanks to the countdown clock on my iMac dashboard that was probably a bad idea. I have just 7 miles… Continue reading