#MarathonTraining is …

Thoughts on marathon training, or #MarathonTraining is ... Foam rolling in the dark at 6 a.m. while eating and almond butter and honey sandwich before your long run. Realizing 12 hours later that you dripped honey on the floor. Wearing a headlamp to run 12 miles in the dark before work. Chafing on your butt... Continue Reading →

Monumental Before, During and After

The folks at Monumental Marathon put out a great guide this week. Since I'm already going taper crazy (similar to stir crazy), I've been putting together our trip details, too. This is our third consecutive year going to the race, and we also went up there last summer for the Indy Women's Half (now in the fall... Continue Reading →

Week 10 Recap

I wrote a really good recap post yesterday and it got eaten by the internet. Sigh. Trying again. I don't think I've ever been as sad to see a marathon training cycle end as I am this one. It seems like it really flew by and it never seemed overwhelming. That gives me hope for this race and... Continue Reading →

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